Smaller can be better: The Benefits of Dining in a Small Restaurant

Smaller can be better: The Benefits of Dining in a Small Restaurant

With so many restaurants to choose from, do you ever find yourself falling back on an easy option, such as a chain or large restaurant, out of mere convenience? Many times, restaurant-goers wish for a more fulfilling experience, but don’t know where to start, as many smaller restaurants rely on word-of-mouth and great reputation to succeed. Dining at smaller establishments can be rewarding and memorable because they work so hard to create personality, atmosphere, excellent service, and stand-apart cuisine.


Smaller restaurants often strive to provide unique and highly personal service, as well as excellent cuisine, in order to compete with bigger franchises that market themselves commercially instead of through their grapevine of devoted customers. At 888 Ristorante, you will always get a dining experience that you won’t receive anywhere else. We appreciate your business, and as our guests know, we take the time to greet and meet all of our customers personally. Our owner and head chef gets to know and understand our guests, including why they dine with us, and what they really enjoyed at our restaurant.


Our smaller restaurant size allows us to create the intimate, serene atmosphere we feel goes hand-in-hand with our attention to fine, fresh ingredients, as well as our thoughtful Italian cuisine and drink menus. We believe that atmosphere, along with outstanding food, is key to a dining experience that is truly great, not just good. Many small restaurants offer a respite from the bustle and clamour of life outside our doors, allowing you to step into a world where the pace of life slows down and you can properly savor our menu.


Running a smaller restaurant allows us to feature specialities and fine, local ingredients without having to rely on wholesale, large-volume foods that many big or chain restaurants use for all of their dishes, some of which have to be shipped all across the country in standardized fashion. We also devote attention to details in plating each dish so that your food not only excels in taste, but visual delight, which contributes to the difference between “cooking” and “culinary excellence.”

At 888 Ristorante in San Carlos, California, we believe your dining experience here will speak for itself. Make a reservation to experience real Italian cuisine and hospitality today online or by calling (650) 591-0920. To see our menu, visit our website, and to see what other guests have been saying about us, see our Facebook page!

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